Reishi Mushroom

Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, Reishi is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help improve overall health and promote longevity. It possesses powerful skin-soothing properties and helps calm visible irritation and boost skin's resilience.

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Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Cream

Benefit: Hydration, Redness & Sensitivity Reduction
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Reishi mushroom is revered as an “Elixir of Life” with powerful skin-soothing properties.

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Reishi mushroom helps to calm & comfort visible redness

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Healthy Hydration

5 Steps to Soothe & Hydrate Your Skin

  1. 1. Gently rinse away dirt and impurities with this ultra-gentle Mega-Mushroom™ Face Cleanser, great for sensitive skin.
  2. 2. Give instant hydration and soothe your skin with Mega-Mushroom™ Treatment Lotion.
  3. 3. Reduce visible redness and restore visible resilience with Mega-Mushroom™ Advanced Face Serum.
  4. 4. Boost hydration with our skin-quenching, lightweight moisturizer
  5. 5. Soothe skin anytime, anywhere with Mega-Mushroom™ Soothing Hydra-Mist for plumper, more luminous skin with just a spritz.