What Is Kathon CG™
(Methyl-Chloro-Isothiazolinone and Methyl-Isothiazolinone)?

Kathon CG™ is a very effective synthetic preservative. It can be used to preserve a cosmetic formula or a raw material. Because it has the potential to cause allergic reactions, in some countries its use is limited  but is considered acceptable and safe at low concentrations in rinse-off product such as cleansers.

At ELC we are no longer adding Kathon CG™ as a preservative to new formulas nor using raw materials containing this preservative into our new formulas. However some of our existing products may still contain raw materials preserved with Kathon CG™ so it may still be present at low levels in a few of our rinse off products and is identified as Methyl-Chloro-Isothiazolinone  and Methyl-Isothiazolinone on ingredient label.

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