Rubina Dyan



Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

Bio: Rubina is a model, artist and advocate for the autism spectrum community who works with Autism Speaks. Based in New York City, her creative work focuses on abstract expressionism through multiple mediums from watercolors to collage to embroidery to photography, always pulling from her main source of inspiration—fashion and nature. When she’s not expressing herself through art or collaborating with designers and brands, she’s using her voice to give a voice to others.


Coffee or tea: Coffee!

Sparkling or still: These days, I have to say sparkling.

Can't live without: Lip balm.

Desert island must-have: How about a survival guide book?

Rubina Dyan drawing
“I think my mission in the autism community is not only to raise awareness and acceptance on neurodiversity, but also to give people in the autism spectrum disorder a voice, and give them a chance to show who they really are and how they think. And whether that’s different or not, I think it’s important for society to advance, and to understand that neurodiversity is the future.”
“Appreciate her, and do it often. I have the best time and feel the most home when I’m nature, and that’s whether it’s hiking or being on the beach and just being in the ocean. Nothing feels more freeing than that. I think we should all just spend more time appreciating it, I think we don’t do that enough these days.”
lush trees
view looking up at tall trees with a blue background
“I think building a better tomorrow starts with small acts. It’s little seeds we plant and it can start right this moment. It should’ve started yesterday, but we can start any time.”