Matthew Noszka



Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Bio: Matthew Noska is an actor, businessman, and one of the most sought-after models who’s no stranger to the health and wellness scene. After multiple tragedies and losses, it’s his life’s mission to be happy, go after what you want no matter the obstacle, feel good and inspire others around him to do the same—by advocating for wellness from the inside, out.


Coffee or tea: : Ever since I had a kid, I’ve been more of a coffee guy.

Still or sparkling: Still all day.

Cocktail or wine: I usually order a whiskey straight up, or on the rocks.

Favorite form of hydration: Water, it’s essential to life.

Favorite workout: Something engaging like sports or HIIT.

Favorite food: I'm a pizza lover.

Desert island must-have: Is there cell service? If not, my survival kit.

black workout equipment
Matthew Noszka

“My mission in fitness was never to be a trainer. [My dive into health and wellness] is something I not only want to affect my close circle, but I want to affect the world … There’s so many different body types in the world and so many different walks of life that there is no one business model for how you’re supposed to look. But there’s definitely a business model for how you’re supposed to live—and it’s just treating your body the right way.”


“Respect towards nature means everything to me. I mean, we have one planet, just like we have one body. And I think that we should treat those things with the utmost respect.
Speaking from experience, the things that you put in your body is how your body performs, [much like how] the things that you do to the Earth is how the Earth is going to perform.”

view looking up at the sky with trees
view looking up a large tree

“One thing I could probably change is using paper towels—[they] are very convenient, and I think that’s what has pushed the Earth to the point where it’s at now: conveniency. Human beings like to be in a situation where they don’t have to do much. They like to have a convenient situation where it’s catering to their lifestyle [not knowing] that the future generations, my daughter’s children and their children are going to have to deal with the effects of what we choose to do.”