Smarty Plants

Beauty with brains.
Instantly. Our high-tech hero intuitively color corrects and visibly perfects so you look radiant and flawless without any fuss.
On demand. Our super-smart antioxidant infused formula helps neutralize skin damaging effects of city smog and pollution.
Over time. Our amazing overachiever helps recycle environmental stressors into vital hydration. And that means you keep your youthful good looks longer.
Our high-tech heroes
Mineral pigments instantly color corrects blotchy and uneven skin tones to create a radiant, flawless complexion.
Encapsulated Salicylic Acid & Chestnut Extract gradually release to refine skin texture, minimize oily shine, visibly shrink pores and smooth fine, dry lines.
Green & White Tea release age-fighting antioxidants. Vitamins C & E defend skin against pollution, ozone and environmental stressors. Thermus Thermophilus Algae converts oxidative stress from pollution into vital, light hydration. And potent sunscreens shield skin from UV damage.
See why our CC gets straight A’s
You’ve been hearing about CCs—the makeup-meets-skincare saviors that prime, hydrate, protect & perfect in a sec. Well we took all those cool complexion correcting perks & gave them a major beauty boost. Let’s start with the Awesome All-over-coverage. The supersmart formula intuitively color matches to skin so you get a true-to-you flawless look without any fuss. We packed it with Advanced Antioxidant too help neutralize the skin damaging effects of city smog and pollution (which the ladies in our New York and Hong Kong office love). Then made it an Amazing Age-protector. What’s so amazing you ask? This overachiever actually takes environmental stressors and recycles them into vital hydration so you look younger longer. Pretty genius, right?
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