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Powerful lifting cream


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Anti-aging Collection
Life puts the wrinkles in.
Origins helps take them out.
Time, sun, pollution, stress, good fortune and bad. That’s what wrinkles are made of. Although they're not prescriptions, in just 4 weeks, our award winning anti-aging treatments with Anogeissus noticeably helps improve a lifetime of laugh lines, birthdays and basking in the sun. Youthful bounce is renewed. And with continued use, results improve.
Noticeably helps improve wrinkle length and depth
Visibly helps improve the vertical fret lines between your eyes and the stubborn furrows across your forehead.
Before - Baseline Lines and Wrinkles
After - 4 weeks
After - 8 weeks
Anti-aging eye treatment
Clinically proven to help visibly improve 4 major signs of eye aging
Some see a plant.
We see Plantscription
You’ll see a 51% visible reduction
in lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks.
About Anogeissus
Anogeissus penetrates deep within skin to block destructive enzymes that weaken skin’s elasticity and helps encourage production of new fibrillin to keep skin looking youthful, lifted and lineless.
Dr. Lieve DeClercq
Dr. DeClercq heads Origins Global Plant Medicine Team. She has a PhD in Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology. We asked her for the inside scoop on Plantscription.
Q: Why is the skin around eyes so prone to aging?
A: The skin around the eyes is about 3x thinner than facial skin and the thinnest skin on the entire body. So naturally eye skin is highly sensitive and fragile. Add to that the fact that our eyes are in constant motion as they express all of our emotions. This repeated stretching and pulling coupled with the pull of gravity can cause already thin skin to look saggy and crepey. Plus with age, skin around eyes loses resiliency - the ability to bounce back - due to the breakdown of collagen and fibrillin. So it’s not surprising that the eye area is a key marker in the perception of one’s age.
Q: What are the key ingredients in Plantscription Anti-aging eye treatment?
A: Our new anti-aging eye treatment features. Plantscription’s powerful Anogeissus plant to help restore firmness and elasticity to the eye area. Kombucha (from black tea) is also included for its strong collagen boosting benefits. It helps improve the appearance of deeper lines and creases.
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