Brighter By Nature™ SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Makeup

Skin Tone Correcting Makeup

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    Brighter By Nature
    Nature's alternative to lasers.
    Stubborn, skin-aging dark spots are best diminished with a laser. No time? No money? Discover nature’s proven results. Of course they’re not lasers, but our powerful blend of skin-illuminating Japanese Basil Leaf, Cucumber, Peony & Vitamin C work at lightning speed to help break apart dark spots & restore brightness to dull, uneven skin without the irritating side effects
    Some see a leaf.
    We see a laboratory.
    A potent blend of skin-illuminating Japanese Basil Leaf, Cucumber, White Peony and Burnet Extract
    This clinically-proven blend works to intercept stress before it can accelerate melanin production.
    Naturally-Derived Vitamin C
    Intercepts environmental and emotional stress before they accelerate melanin production.
    Nature’s Cluster-Busters
    Safely and rapidly break apart skin-aging dark melanin spots and discolorations to restore clarity.
    After - 8 weeks
    Dark spots & discoloration can take years to appear, but now you can begin to visibly fade them within 4-6 weeks.
    98% saw brighter skin
    94% agreed it created more even skin tone
    *Clinical test results with daily use of serum & moisturizer.
    Meet Dr. Lieve DeClercq
    Dr. DeClercq heads Origins Global Plant Medicine Team. She has a PhD in Plant Physiology & Molecular Biology. We asked her for the inside scoop on Brighter By Nature.
    “To me the biggest advantage of using natural ingredients is that with them you get a complexity & versatility that you don’t get with synthetics. And you’d need to combine several different ingredients to get the same overall effect you get with a single natural.” Dr. Lieve DeClercq
    Q: What causes discolorations?
    A: When skin is in balance, it looks radiant & clear. But when bombarded by oxidative or emotional stress, it defends itself by producing more melanin. The result is uneven skin tone, blotchiness, dark patches & discoloration. With age, the accumulation of melanin becomes even more apparent, as cell turnover slows down & skin loses its ability to shed dull layers at a youthful rate.
    Q: What makes Brighter By Nature so uniquely potent?
    A: The Brighter By Nature Collection is so powerful as a result of our multi-prong approach. Our proprietary technology features a combination of powerful plant actives: Japanese Basil Leaf Extract, White Peony & Burnet Extract - legendary anti-irrigation ingredients. Our natural cluster-busters visibly help break apart & disperse dark spots & discolorations. There’s also Cucumber & Apple Extract, agents that help reduce the appearance of dark spots. And we include Rosemary extract, a powerful antioxidant. Then we make the barrier stronger with a combination of Barley & Sunflower Seed.
    Did you know?
    Professional procedures that fade the appearance of dark spots and discolorations can require as many as 6 treatments. Side effects often include redness, swelling, flaking and major downtime. Plus a hefty price tag. And studieas suggest that roughly 1/3 of patients may develop further pigment problems.
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